Signed releases

All releases are signed using minisign and can be verified using the following command and public key:

minisign -Vm tarball.tar.gz -P RWSxkEDc2y+whfKTmvhqs/YaFmEwblmvar7l6RXMjnu6o9tZW3LC0Hc9

Source code

The Kore source code is hosted in Git repositories available on

  • kore - The kore source code [view]
  • kore-doc - The kore documentation [view]
  • kore-blog - The blog platform for [view]

You can checkout the repository of your choice with git:

$ git clone

Github mirror

A copy of the repositories are regularly pushed to the Github mirror here.

Important: Pull Requests and Issues via Github might be ignored, use the mailing lists instead.