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1068382 2021-01-23 kore-4.1.0.tar.gz kore-4.1.0.tar.gz.sha256 Minisign signature

Kore 4.1.0

This minor release improves on internal APIs and has some minor bug fixes.

New tool: kore-serve

This tool makes it easy to spin up static serving webserver quickly. To build it, run make tools-build and make tools-install.

JSON API Improvements

  • - More strict parsing of JSON objects.
  • - Allow int64_t and uint64_t as JSON numbers.

Additionally the parser has been tested heavily in a security critical product. This work was sponsored by my employer, Tutus Data.

ACME improvements

  • - Added and enabled POST-as-GET.
  • - Fixed a bug on LibreSSL where multi-domain setup could fail to renew certificates.

Python API improvements

  • - Adds async socket.recvmsg to the Python API.

Other changes

  • - Enabled TLS 1.3 for LibreSSL 3.2.2
  • - All Kore hooks prototypes now live inside of kore/hooks.h.
  • - Renamed "foreground" to "kore_foreground".
  • - Kore will now install its sources under $PREFIX/share/kore, allowing kodev build to build single binaries out of the box.
  • - kodev source command added (shows the location of the built-in source code).
  • - Added missing seccomp_tracing to the example configuration.
  • - Added kore build scripts under misc.
  • - Linux: added missing seccomp calls for certain platforms.
  • - Added kore_default_getopt(), which should be called from kore_parent_configure() in single binary builds if you want to retain the argument parsing.