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ChangeLog for the 3.3.1 release

This release improves on Python locks, adds HTTP runlocks and fixes a few minor bugs.

New HTTP runlock API

HTTP runlocks are an excellent way of synchronizing access to page handlers that run asynchronous code.

New API functions:

Other improvements

  • - Improved the worker event loop.
  • - Added a kore_curl_strerror() api call.
  • - Fixed a problem with unix binds on the BSDs.
  • - Added macros for arguments passed to parameterized pgsql queries.
  • - Fixed a problem with asynchronous locks in Python not properly working.
  • - Exceptions in Python code running from timers are now logged if not caught.
  • - The tlsverify keyword for the asynchronous Python httpclient is no longer tied to client certificates.